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The gastronomy of these Pyrenean territories, that surround Orreaga- Roncesvalles, it is linked with the hunt, the fluvial fishing, and the natural products that come from the earth.
So, although the restaurants in this area have a wide selection of dishes proper from Navarra, those elaborated with the products from this territories are the most important.

Some of these important dishes, are migas de pastor, which have to be eaten as the tradition tells, from the frying pan, revuelto de perretxicos, which are a type of mushroom with a great culinary value, trouts with ham, praised by Ernest Hemingway, and the pigeons, hunted in the nearby of Etxlar. About the big game, here it is possible to taste the more exquisite wild boar, deer or roe deer stews.

We should not forget, the dairy products in an area which is dedicated to the grazing. The visitor can not go away without tasting the cheese, specially the one made from the milk of the sheeps, or cuajada a typical dessert from this area.

Migas, scrambled eggs with “Perretxicos”, trouts with ham (typical from Navarra), different kind of cheese of this area.


Restaurant Hotel Roncesvalles

Telephone: +34 948 76 01 05
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Restaurant and bar “La Posada

A Pilgrim’s menu is available.
Telephone: +34 948 79 03 22.
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Restaurant and bar “Casa Sabina

A Pilgrim’s menu is available.
Telephone: +34 948 760 012
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Asador Aritza
Tel: +34 948 76 03 11
Located on the St James Way
Distance to Roncesvalles 2,23 Km.

Restaurante Burguete
Tel: +34 948 76 00 05
Located on the St James Way
Distance to Roncesvalles 2,41 Km.

Restaurante Txikipolit
Tel: +34 948 76 00 19
Distance to Roncesvalles 2,48 Km.

Restaurante La Borda
Tel: +34 948 76 00 31
Distance to Roncesvalles 2,72 Km.

Restaurante Loizu
Tel: +34 948 76 00 08
Distance to Roncesvalles 2,8 Km.

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