asked questions

1. How can I get to Roncesvalles by public transport?

• The company covering the Pamplona-Roncesvalles route is “Autocares Artieda”. Its website is:

2. Can I park my car in Roncesvalles for several days so that I can come back for it after walking the Way? 

Yes, there is a public car park behind the La Posada. It is free of charge and is not guarded. 

3. Can I book a place at the Hostel in advance?

Yes, you can book ahead on our website:

4. Must I pay up front for my stay at the Hostel? 

Yes, so that no-show bookings will not prevent other pilgrims from finding accommodation, you must pay the full cost of your stay when booking on the website. 

5. When booking, can I ask to have dinner, breakfast or both? 

Yes, simply say which when booking. On the website you’ll find the following options: 

– Accommodation only

– Accommodation + dinner

– Accommodation + breakfast

– Accommodation + dinner + breakfast

6. Are there blankets, sheets or towels at the Hostel?

Blankets and towels are not provided. You should bring your own sleeping bag or lightweight bedding that’s easy to carry.
Sleeping bags and microfibre towels are for sale at the hostel.

7. What accommodation alternatives are there in Roncesvalles?

In addition to the Pilgrims’ Hostel there is: 

• Casa Sabina

• La Posada

• Casa Beneficiados Hotel 

Consult prices and availability in the “accommodation” tab of our website

8. What documents do I need to stay at the Hostel?

You must have the Pilgrim’s Credential to prove that you are walking the Way of St James on the dates of your visit. You can ask for it at the Hostel. You must also furnish a Spanish ID card or valid passport. 

9. Can I get the pilgrim’s credential at the hostel? 

Yes. Ask the staff at the reception desk on arrival and they’ll give you one. 

10. What time is the Pilgrim’s Blessing?

The Blessing is given during the daily Mass in the church of Santa María de Roncesvalles at the following times:  

– Monday to Friday – 8 pm

– Weekends and public holidays – 6 pm 

Outside of these times, there are always priests at the church. If necessary, you can ask the Collegiate church staff if a priest is available. 

11. How can I get to St. Jean Pied de Port from Roncesvalles?

The CONDA S.A. bus company runs a service from Pamplona (not continuously) which you can consult in

The TAXIS from Roncesvalles constantly journey to and from St. Jean. You can ask about the service here TaxiAsier Burguete +34 670616190 :  

12. Can I send my rucksack and/or bike ahead of me to the Hostel? 

Yes, you can send it by any transport company and we will keep it in our left luggage for as long is required at a cost of €5. Bikes should be sent to: 

         Albergue de Roncesvalles

         C/ Unica

         31650 RONCESVALLES (Navarra)     

13. Is there any way of transporting rucksacks between stages? 

Yes, the Collegiate church has agreements with local companies that provide this service. Companies other than ourselves also provide the service, although the Collegiate church accepts no liability for them. You can obtain all the information you need at the hostel. 

14. Can I do the Way with my dog or horse?

You can take them with you, but they are not allowed into the hostels and not all of them have a place for them to stay. You can also carry a small tent which you can put up next to the different hostels so that your dog can sleep in it. 

Horses and donkeys can rest in a field near the Collegiate church, at a cost of €5 to be paid beforehand.  

15. At what times is the Pilgrim’s Office open?

The office in the Hostel itself and is open all day from 10 am to 10 pm. The Hostel check-in is from 2 pm, but you can buy your Hostel ticket from 10 am onwards. 

You must leave the hostel before 8 am so that it can be cleaned.

16. Can I have my credential stamped before 10 am? 

From 6 to 8 am, the Pilgrim check-out time, you can have it stamped at the Hostel reception desk. If you arrive a little later, but don’t want to wait until 10 am, you can have it stamped in any of the restaurants in Roncesvalles. 

17. Are there shops, or a supermarket……?

No, Roncesvalles is a tiny village and has no shops or chemist’s. However, the Hostel has vending machines with all kinds of food and drink. The nearest shop and chemist’s are in Burguete, two kilometres from the Collegiate church.

The Collegiate church Souvenir Shop also sells all sorts of things you may need: biscuits, chocolate, cheese, plus equipment for doing the Way, such as boots, ponchos, hiking sticks, etc. 

18. Are the hostels open or closed in winter?

Many of them are closed from November on, but others stay open. Normally there is at least one hostel open every 20-25 km. You can check which ones are open in:

The information is updated daily. 

The Roncesvalles Hostel is open 365 days a year and provides the necessary services, although in winter it has fewer beds. 

18. How many beds are there in the Roncesvalles Hostel?

The summer hostel has the following installations: 

– Hostel: 183 pax

The winter hostel (from November to March): 16 pax + 18 pax

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