The pilgrim who goes to Santiago should carry:   

  • A comfortable and light rucksack, with front straps and many pockets. Do not overload because it will be with us the whole way. 
  • Proper shoes, if possible, ones that have been broken in. Firm and light boots, which support the ankles. Cotton socks and some more as spare. 
  • The clothes will depend on the season of the year in which we do the pilgrimage. Dress very lightly in the summer and warmly in the winter. 
  • The sleeping bag is very useful. It is advisable to take a pillow cover and one mat. 
  • The only kitchen tools that we should take with us, are the cutlery and a Swiss knife. Obviously, the water bottle should go with us all the way. 
  • Another tool that we will never have to leave behind, is the staff for walking, that will help us to go through difficult territories.

    - Toilet paper, a towel, nail clippers and safety pins. 

  • A first aid kit with a needle and thread for blisters, scissors, plaster, alcohol, sunblock cream and basic medicines like aspirins and paracetamol. 
  • The necessary documents: Identity card, and the social security card. It is also possible to ask for a credential at the starting point of the Jacobean Way. 
  • The best way to have money during the pilgrimage is a credit card. Keep only the essential cash on hand. 

It is not advisable to load too much the rucksack. If you do, you will tire more easily.